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size: 17*24 cm


 A Qur’anic Copy as a Teacher of Recitation Mushaf Mu’allim al-Tajwid The idea of Mushaf Mu’allim al-Tajwid (the Qur’anic Copy that teaches recitation) is an innovative, easy, simple and practical

idea for teaching you how to recite the Holy Qur’an. It depends on the explanation and elucidation of one recitation rule by means of one word in a full page. You learn it while reading the Qur’an as if you were sitting before a recitation scholar teaching you how to recite. Each time you deliberately learn one recitation rule, though it might be a unique rule which is neither coincided again, nor included under a certain rule. When you conclude the Honorable Qur’an, you will have practiced all the rules of recitation and started to feel the pleasure of reciting the

Words of Allah, the Sublime.

   SIZE: Mushaf 17 × 24 - COL.NO: Distinct   

PAPER KIND: Chamois  -Divided 1/30 , in a case   
Weight: 1725g

Price : 16.00$         
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