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    Al-Jawahir al-Imaniyah

    by: Dr. Muhammad Khayr Fatimah 575 p., size 17×24 cellophane binding, 2 colors inside They are really faith jewels which are ...

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    Al-Khatabah fi Mawkib al-Da’wah

    Dr. Mahmud Muhammad ’Amarah 264 p., size 17×24, paper cover This book includes a study for the orator to know how to prepare his sermon in addition to...

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    Saba’ik al-Nur wa-al-Hudá Khutab al-Jumu’ah wa-al-A’yad wa-al-Munasabat

    prep.: Prof. Usamah al-Khani 232 p., size 17×24 cellophane binding This book is a collection of sermons that the preparer has given on ...

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