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Sharh Ibn Aqil 1/2 ’alá Alfiyat Ibn Malik bi-Uslub Madrasi Jadid


by: Baha’ al-Din Ibn ’Aqil
prep. and rev.: Sh. Husayn al-Tawil
Teacher of Arabic in Syrian Secondary Schools
1340 p., 2 colors in 2 volumes, size 17×24, hard cover
This book is known to be one of the most

famous explanations of Ibn Malik’s Alfiyat

Ibn Malik on grammar and morphology

because it is distinguished with abridging

and clarity in style as well as many other

characteristics which caused it to be at the

front of the reliable grammar books,

and the reviser exerted a distinct efforts to

introduce the book in an exciting schooling style.
        Weight: 1110g      

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